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An exclusive 2 hour 51 minute long ambient track, to this date the most gigantic piece in Daniel. B. Prothese’s discography
This monumental piece was conceived and recorded in order to accompany the listeners in the banality of their everyday life, whether it is to allow them to escape from it, to meditate or just to relax, to empty their head or fall asleep, to replace familiar everyday noises, such as taking over the silence of an electric car engine or to wait while its batteries are filling up. Designed like a long journey that we’d take in stages, you can jump on and off this long track anywhere, and resume at any time where it previously stopped on these sound assemblages which drift along daily unforeseen events, towards a destination that only the listener may know.
And this is the full version of “Delete Everything” that Daniel B. Prothese offers today as a luxurious black metal USB stick, on which Daniel’s signature is laser engraved along with the title “Delete Everything”, making this is a unique item not to be missed!
“Delete Everything”: clear your mind / hop on / hop off / come back later on. The rules are yours.
50 USB sticks are available.
Dimensions 3 × 1 × 0.6 cm